Nude Yoga

Nude yoga is a form of practice where people perform yoga without clothes. This type of yoga is popular in Western countries like Europe and USA. Many people also perform nude yoga at home. Yoga is performed for achieving good health and inner peace.

It is different way of practicing as compared to other yoga forms. One can practice yoga without any limitations. Many yogis can find it odd to practice but the motivation behind the naked yoga is to accept your body with imperfection. Nude yoga should not be taken in the negative way; it is not any practice that is meant for voyeurs. A person shouldbear in mind the disciplines of yoga while practicing nude yoga.

A person should have the main perspective of naked yoga rather than thinking it as a lewd. Doing yoga without clothes doesn't mean it is a vulgar practice but it is a challenge for individual to look the physical personality without outer cover-up to open one's mind and heart deprived of any adverse feeling.

Benefits of Nude Yoga: You can find psychological benefits more than physical benefits in nude yoga.

  • It helps to enhance the self-confidence.
  • One can learn to accept the body with imperfection.
  • It can transform and openone's heart.
One can feel awkward on shedding clothes; just focus on the postures, meditation and stretching while exercising nude yoga. It would lessen the discomfort and self-consciousness. One could experience the freedom in bare skin and change (after all humans are all born that way). You can practice this form of yoga at home or at a private place. There are not any different poses for nude yoga. All the poses which are included in any other general yoga class are taught in nude yoga class. Only difference is one has to do it without clothes.

Before performing nude yoga, you should keep following things in mind-

  • To know about yoga seriously and follow its discipline
  • To achieve sense of openness
  • Get rid of discomfort and self-consciousness
You should follow the etiquette if you wish to join such classes:
  • Don't be conscious while shedding clothes as it is a nude yoga class
  • Don't laugh or stare at other yogis or yoginis
  • Concentrate on stretching, breathing and meditation as you do in other types of yoga
  • Don't hesitate to perform any pose
  • Don't hesitate to interrogate with your instructor
  • Use your towel and mat for practicing yoga
Many contracting views are also there for nude yoga, some yogis and yoginis believe that such yoga don't help to achieve mental and spiritual benefits. But nude yoga is not related to any eroticism or any type of sexual desire. One learns to appreciate their body beauty. There are some reasonable points for nude yoga. In older period, sadhus used to practice it to approach spirituality, inner peace, awareness against body etc.